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Find Your Next Feature Idea

Customers are your best critics. They know the best and worst of your brand. So, let the customers vote and choose next big feature idea.

  • Customers can vote on ideas in the Public Portal.
  • You will get the powerful admin overview which contains all of the feedback in a single place.
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Filter The Right Growth Plan

Choose the most valuable growth roadmap for your brand. Prioritize your growth plan according to most voted customer feedback.

  • Share your work process with a visual and simple roadmap.
  • Customise the roadmap for matching the workflows.
  • Make conversations with your customers easily with the help of the connected feedback portal.
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Highlight Your Key Updates

Never let your customers miss out on important updates. Share your key updates and announcements easily

  • Close feedback loop with the customers.
  • Embeddable within the any website or SaaS application.

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Go Beyond The Basic With Feedsocio

Our key features that help you collect and manage your customer feedback in best way possible

Hassle-Free Management

Feedsocio makes it easy for you to manage your customer feedback easily - be it in small bits or even at large scale.

Quick & Simple Feedback Sharing

No one wants complex and chaotic submission procedures. We make it easy for the users to quickly submit the feedback in simplest ways.

Engaging Customizations

Gain your customers attention instantly with our hub of useful and exciting customizations that are engaging yet focused.

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Add users voice in your product journey

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